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Over the course of 15 years as a Product Manager in the computer software industry, I have written down hundreds of product ideas, all waiting to take shape until I could find the time to bring them to life. After watching one of those ideas (or at least a similar one) launch on Kickstarter and generate $10m in backing, I decided to leave my executive position at a software startup to begin pursuing my own passions full time. Timpworx was born.


During my career in computer software, I launched over 20 new products and 100+ software version updates, generating over $2B in software sales. I have a broad range of experience ranging from initial mockup and prototyping, to developing comprehensive go to market strategies. Leveraging that experience and the skills I have developed, I now focus on industrial design and bringing innovative "hardware" products to market using cutting edge production methods, such as additive manufacturing (3D Printing) and CNC machining.


In addition to leveraging disruptive technology, we also believe in innovative business models as well. At it's core, Timpworx is an idea incubator that rapdily designs, prototypes, and tests new product markets by leveraging internal capital and social funding platforms, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. This financial model allows Timpworx to reduce initial overhead costs and limit the need for equity investment, which enables greater employee ownership and fosters unchecked creativity. Profitable new products are spun off into self sustaining businesses which are co-owned by it's employees and Timpworx.



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